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Supervisor of the field seismic survey

Supervisor of the field seismic survey

Requirements to the candidate:

  1. Experience in supervision of the field 3D seismic works not less than 3 years.
    2. Knowledge of vibro-seismic exploration theory, experience in operational control of sweep parameters.
    3. Experience in design of 3D seismic works (MESA, Pikeza).
    4. Experience in processing of seismic data.


  1. Monitoring the performance of all types of field work (topo-geodetic, vibration);
  2. Performing daily acceptance and evaluation of quality of field materials, taking the appropriate documentation  from geophysics operator of a seismic station and managers of seismic group;
  3. Providing constant monitoring of compliance of project methods and technology of field seismic works;
  4. Monitoring the accuracy of the accompanying documents to filed materials;
  5. Monitoring the timely transmission of field seismic data;
  6. Monitoring the timely overlapping of seismic data on magnetic or optical media, as well as copying the relevant documentation;
  7. Providing daily and periodical work reports of seismic group, preparation of the final report on the completion of the project;

Working conditions:
1. Food and accommodation by the enterprise

  1. Residence in base camp seismic group.
  2. Shift work
    Place: Ukraine
    Wages - by interview results


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