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Planning and supervision of 2D/3D Seismic survey

2D/3D seismic planning stages:

  • Detailed reconnaissance of the area;
  • Analysis of baseline geological and geophysical data;
  • Migration aperture calculation;
  • Selection of the seismic survey methods and parameters;
  • Wave field modeling;
  • Creation of the three-dimensional model of deep refraction;
  • The calculation of required number of specialists and workers, living and industrial facilities, equipment, machinery, trucks;
  • Project budget calculation.

The company's staff has experience in planning linear, orthogonal, random and other types of survey, both onshore and in the transit zones. 

proek 1

Reconnaissance of the seismic survey on location

proek 2

Choice of the optimal methods to achieve the geological results

proek 3

Prior planning and simulation of the seismic survey parameters

Seismic crew audit:

  • Examination of the seismic crew readiness (audit) for execute of field acquisition works;
  • Examination of actual seismic crew equipment according to contract requirements;
  • Examination of technical readiness of geophysical equipment, living facilities, welfare facilities, transport and communications;
  • Verification of  personnel (engineers and workers) required according to the project for preseason training, medical examination, Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) education;
  • Verification of the personal protection devices, safety devices on transport, safety in industrial and living facilities.


Seismic survey supervision:

  • Supervision of testing survey and recording parameters select;
  • Topogeodesic survey supervision;
  • Supervision the accordance of methods of field acquisition works to project requirements;
  • Supervision of the technical status  of Vibroseis units;
  • Supervision of HSE during  the project;
  • Seismic acquired data quality supervision;
  • Daily, weekly and monthly report.

Technical instrumentation


MESA – industry standard in seismic survey design. Key MESA software features – survey design and covering analysis of land for seismic 2D/3D/3C and VSP survey, geological modeling, and analysis of reporting, chronological tracking of the project and statistics of seismic crew.

PHOTOMOD GeoCalculator – geodetic calculator. The software developed to convert the coordinates of the points from one coordinate system to another.

Magellan VantagePoint – the software for navigation data processing (maps, points, routes, tracks and geocache). It allows downloading and viewing the maps in different levels of magnification and rotate it for easy view not only maps, but detailed satellite photos. It allows saving the satellite photo of any part of the area in the raster map format. The software allows creating points, routes, and geocache, noting a digital coordinates, or simply noting the right place on any map.

MapSource – the software is developed for downloading the maps and uploading it into GPS-navigators. It is a complete editor that enables not only to download but also to edit the maps. It allows getting directions directly in the applications, recording it in memory, to create profiles settings to arrange waypoints.

 «SeiSee»  – the software for view of geophysical data. It allows to view the seismic data files (SEG-Y, CWP-SU, CGG CST formats) on computer and to edit the seismic data files.


Computer equipment:

  • Multiprocessor cluster type server (CPU Xeon).
  • Multiprocessor computer servers with graphics cores (GPU).
  • Workstations with Intel Core i-7 processors with 2-4 monitors each.