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2D/3D Seismic data acquisition

Seismic data acquisition stages:

  • Organizational phase (preparation the all necessary permits for the field survey, mobilization and demobilization of the field crew);
  • Topogeodetic survey;
  • Vibroseis seismic data acquisition, including high performance - Flip Flop and Slip sweep;
  • Drilling and explosion seismic data acquisition;
  • Additional geophysical data acquisition (microseismic, well-logging, refracted waves method).


2D/3D seismic survey by different methods:

  • Orthogonal (full-, wide-, -narrow  azimuth) seismic recording;
  • Random seismic recording;
  • Other recording methods as per Customer requirements.

Seismic survey in difficult surface environment:

  • In mountainous areas;
  • In desert;
  • In transit areas (swamps, rivers, shallow water);
  • In residential, industrial and environmental areas.

Our specialists have extensive experience and years of work at the oil and gas fields located in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, the United States, Canada and the Middle East (Yemen, Tunisia)

Seismic survey in difficult surface environment

The registration system Scorpion

Vibroseis units IVI Birdwagen

Technical equipment

Seismic Recording Systems:

  • RSR recording system - 14,000 channels;
  • ARAM recording system - 3200 channels;
  • SCORPION recording system –2000 channels;
  • IMAGE recording system - 2000 channels.

Vibroseis Units:

  • AHV-IV-362-PLS;
  • IVI Birdwagen;
  • Mertz.

Company has in possession over 30 Vibroseis units.

Vibroseis units AHV-IV-362-PLS during data recording

Field crew trucks

Recording equipment in field layout



  • Staff, technical, hardware and software resources in Geounit allow to provide seismic data acquisition up to 2000 linear km 2D seismic data and up to 1200 square km 3D seismic data per year.
  • Monthly capability (2 shifts teams in crew) reach up 300 linear km 2D seismic and up to 120 square km 3D seismic.


Seismic crew’s equipment:

  • Equipment allows providing year-around 2D and 3D seismic data acquisition, 30 days per month, and depending of requirements - up to 24 hours per day.
  • Seismic crews work in mobile mode, creating in place of field base, equipped with mobile comfortable living and specially equipped trailers: showers, dining room, office, warehouse, and others, in the amount that necessary for provide services.
  • Fuelling points.
  • Each seismic crew equipped with mobile repair workshop.

Living trailers (base camp)

Living trailer (inside)

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