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2D/3D seismic data processing and interpretation

The seismic data processing sequence include the following:

  • Project development.
  • Adding SEGY format field data to the working project.
  • Assignment of survey design to seismic traces.
  • Computing of initial static corrections and determination of initial normal moveout correction.
  • The first stack with initial parameters.
  • Calculation of initial static corrections using refracted waves method.
  • Preprocessing of seismogram – editing, deleting of noisy and zero traces, entering initial static corrections, attenuation of constant component of the trace, gaining recovery considering spherical divergence, saving headers values in the seismic database, calculation of trace power spectra and survey folding.
  • Amplitude equalization, predictive deconvolution, F-X deconvolution, filtering on incidence angles, amplitude balancing, CDP sorting.
  • The first normal moveout correction.
  • The checksum after the first normal moveout correction.
  • The first static correction adjustment. Calculation of the residual static correction. The checksum.
  • The second normal moveout correction. The checksum after the second normal moveout correction.
  • The second static correction adjustment. Calculation of the residual static correction. The checksum (number of iterations depends on the geological tasks).
  • Final CDP stacking.
  • Testing post-stack migration parameters.
  • Post-stack migration (several types of migration).
  • Testing pre-stack time migration parameters.
  • Pre-stack time migration.
  • Testing pre-stack depth migration parameters.
  • Pre-stack depth migration.
  • Time to depth transforms.

Processing sequence can be changed in accordance to geological tasks and customer requirements.

For increasing  the quality and authenticity of time sections and seismic images the full-wave seismic modeling may be done using Tesseral software.

Final results are given to the customer in SEGY format. If necessary the hard copy of the data can be prepared. 

Processing results. Time and Depth Pre-Stack Migration

Geological model elements 

Depth Pre-Stack Migration

Seismic and other geological-geophysical data interpretation sequence

  • The work project development using Petrel software.
  • Creation of the project database.
  • Uploading seismic, vertical seismic profiling, logging and other geological and geophysical data.
  • Processing of logging data if needed.
  • Seismic well tie based on synthetic and stratigraphic data.
  • Structural interpretation of seismic data.
  • Creation of the velocity model.
  • Time to depth transform of interpretation data.
  • Creation of horizons maps.
  • 3-D gridding.
  • Correlation of seismic and productive horizons between wells.
  • Analysis of logging and petrophysics data.
  • Creation of structural model.
  • Seismic attributes analysis.
  • Seismic inversion.
  • Creation of reservoir model with 3-D distribution of petrophysical and filtration properties.

Interpretation sequence can be changed in accordance to geological tasks and customer requirements.

As a result of interpretation data, the customer will get:

  • Computer model of reservoir.
  • Seismic attributes.
  • Volumetric distribution of the reservoir petrophysical and filtration properties.
  • Structural maps of reflection boundaries and productive horizons. .
  • Sections of seismic images, volumetric distributions of seismic attributes, etc.
  • Final report.

The example of physical properties distribution

The elements of structural model

pobudova cil gor

Examples of productive layers

Technical characteristics


FOCUS (Paradigm Geophysical) – 2D/3D seismic data processing system that accommodates a wide range of modules. The user can create a variety of processing chain. The advantages of the system are the flexibility and scalability that allow you to solve tasks with high precision and in acceptable terms.

GEODEPTH (Paradigm Geophysics) – this system is designed for constructing 2D / 3D velocity models and seismic images.

PETREL (Schlumberger) - Petrel is integrated software for interpretation of seismic, logging and other geological and geophysical data, creation of reservoir models.

VoxelGeo (Paradigm Geophysical) - System volume visualization and detailed interpretation of 3-D seismic data, including transparency control, automatic traceability horizons using waveform analysis, automatic selection of geological bodies and calculation of seismic data attributes.


  • Cluster type multiprocessor  server.
  • GPU type multiprocessor server.
  • Workstations with Intel Core i-7 processors.