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Land Gravity and Magnetic survey

Land Gravity and Magnetic survey:

  • Study of the geological and tectonic structure characteristics of target area
  • Study of saltdome structures and intrusive body physiografy
  • Identification of geological structures that prospective for oil and gas
  • Allocation of anomalous effects of oil and gas reservoirs
  • Salts roof and basement modeling
  • Identification of prospective geological structures during ore and non-ore minerals exploration
gr 1

Installation of equipment for survey

Land  Gravity survey on exploration area 

Gravity equipment testing

Gravity and Magnetic processing and interpretation sequence:

  • Creation of aprioristic geo-dencity model of a depth structure of the exploration area, quantitatively and qualitatively coordinated with available seismic, borehole, well-logging and petrophysical data of the area.
  • Definition of distribution of optimum parameters of a spatial complex gravity model on the basis gravity inversion of quantitative complex interpretation of gravimetric, seismic, borehole, well-logging and other available geologic-geophysical data
  • Trace of the positions of surface of weakness, tectonic blocks and tectonic disturbances in crystalline basement formations
  • The detailed complex analysis of geological properties in regionally oil and gas productive deposits in sedimentary basin, crystalline basement formations and mapping of planned and depth position of geological sections with the improved reservoir properties and related with it various types traps
  • Mapping of planned position of perspective deposits for all analyzed oil and gas potential horizons, including formation of the basement, and generalized forecast map of reservoir rocks

Geo-density line (2D modeling)

gr 2

Survey map of local magnetic anomalies

Potential fields mapping

As a results gravity data processing and interpretation the Customer will receive:

  • Map of the gravitational field in Bouguer reduction М 1:10 000 and 1:25 000.
  • Digital-dimensional structural model of the depth structure of exploration area in digital maps formed in XYZ format.
  • Digital spatial model of geo-density properties of exploration area in SEG-Y format.
  • Digital-dimensional model of the deep structure of exploration area in the of form geological cross sections with various stratigraphic levels.
  • Tectonic scheme of a block structure of the basement formations M 1: 25 000.
  • Maps with the planned for oil-gas horizons location on the exploration area, including the basement formations, in M 1:25 000.
  • Generalized map of reservoir rocks on the exploration area М 1:25 000.
  • Rating assessment of the allocated perspective objects, recommendations for priority geological survey and the justification of exploration wells position.


Technical instrumentation


Coscad 3D – spectral-correlative software for analysis of potential fields. It is used for the processing of digital geophysical information which includes statistical, spectral and correlation analysis methods, linear optimal filtration, detection of low anomalies, classification and recognition methods. The functional content of 3D Coscad software allows studying the full spectral-correlation and statistical analysis of geophysical data, calculation of Fourier spectra, correlation of functions and gradient characteristics of geophysical fields.

Geosoft Oasis Montaj –data processing and maps creation software

Technical equipment

  • Gravimeter СG-5 AvtoGrav, «Scintrex Limted» manufacture.
  • Hand-carried magnetometer «Anomaly».
  • Topogeodetic survey of gravity points performs with Trimble R8 systems


  • Multiprocessor cluster type server (CPU Xeon).
  • Multiprocessor computer servers with graphics cores (GPU).
  • Workstations with Intel Core i-7 processors with 2-4 monitors each.