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Hydrocarbons reservoir modeling and drilling recommendations

The final stage of geophysical studies, including seismic, is Hydrocarbons reservoir modeling and drilling recommendations. The team of highly qualified professionals in geophysics that use modern hardware with the up-to-date software perform this job.

The seismic and geological and geophysical data interpretation sequence:

  • Project creation in Petrel format.
  • Seismic database creation, upload the wells coordinates, VSP data, acoustic well logs and stratigraphic marking.
  • Geological data and well logging data upload.
  • Well logging data digitizing, processing and re-interpretation.
  • Seismic waves velocity files creation.
  • Seismic tie based on stratigraphic marks and synthetic seismograms.
  • Complex interpretation of seismic data: target seismic horizons marking, tectonic deformations tracing.
  • Time cube to depth cube transforming.
  • Mapping.
  • Interwell correlation of horizons.
  • Well testing data analysis.
  • Well logs and petrophysics data analysis.
  • Seismic modeling.
  • 3D grid in time and depth scale.
  • Сubes modeling based on seismic attributes and its combinations.
  • Separating of producing horizons.
  • Filtration-volumetric digital modeling of the main producing horizons of deposit based on 3D seismic and well-log data interpretation.
  • Porosity, lithology and seismic cubes creation.
  • Filtration and volumetric properties correlation (cross-plots) based on wells logs, wells testing, petrophysics and seismic data.
  • Seismic attributes edit based on the producing horizons filtration and volumetric properties.
  • Mapping of filtration and volumetric rocks properties within the producing and forecast horizons.
  • Creation of seismic attribute cubes, filtration and volumetric cubes.
  • Data preparation for reserves estimation in Petrel format.

Interpretation sequence and steps can be changed during the work process. It depends on geological and geophysical data quality and Customer requirements.

pidg 1

Tectonic lines and its grid example

pidg 2

A fragment of the horizontal  and vertical 3D grid 

pidg 3

Low-frequency model of exploration area

As a result of Reservoir modeling the Customer will receive:

  • Structural-tectonic reservoir model in Petrel format.
  • Attributive analysis results in Petrel format.
  • Volumetric distribution of filtration and volumetric rocks properties in Petrel format.
  • Development and geophysical research database in Petrel format.
  • Structural maps, seismic sections and filtration and volumetric reservoir data in paper form by Customer’s request.
  • Seismic sections, seismic cubes etc. (including hardcopies).
  • Oil-gas reservoir passport with drilling recommendations

List of materials that included in oil-gas reservoir passport:

  • Acceptance act of reservoir data
  • Passport's text part
  • Estimated hydrocarbon resources of the object
  • Quality passport of prepared of the object
  • Quality report of preparation for drilling target areas
  • Expert estimation of oil and gas area
  • Seismic processing materials data
  • Survey map of the exploration area
  • Sections of time migrated cube
  • Structural maps on reflecting horizons
  • Seismic sections.
pidg 4

The vertical cross section of acoustic impedance cube 

pidg 5

The dependence of the porosity of the acoustic impedance and clayness (color scale) based on well-logging data

pidg 6

Clayness model of porosity and seismic data cube example


Technical instrumentation


PETREL (Schlumberger) - Petrel is integrated software that allows interpreting seismic data, correlating wells, calibrating acoustic and VSP, simulating petrophysical characteristics, performing calculation of reserves


  • Cluster type multiprocessor  server.
  • GPU type multiprocessor server.
  • Workstations with Intel Core i-7 processors.